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Tips on how to feel something

Note: Recently someone asked me for tips on how to cry and feel more. I have never been asked that before; it was beautiful. Our colonial heteropatriarchal society teaches us to repress and hold everything in and "be tough". Fuck that. Vulnerability is strength. Softness is strength.

Tips on how to feel something

Become aware of your aliveness.

Become aware of the wonder of the fact that you were born and exist in this moment right now.

Apparently we have a one in four hundred trillion chance of existing.

Notice things.


Be critical.

Ask the world why.


Turn your brain off for a minute.

Try to listen to your heart.




Love someone.

Let it be you first.

Then love someone else.

Know that it will hurt.

All love hurts.

Look at the sky.

Look at the stars.

Know that stars can only shine in darkness.

Know this about yourself.


[Photo: Unknown]

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